MCA Membership

There are currently 4 types of membership and they are defined as follows:

Full Membership
Full membership is categorised as follows:
  1. Serving, retired and those on the Active or Reserve Lists of all three services, who have at any time held a Movement Control post.
  2. Civilians with a Logistic (Movements) background.
  3. Members of the forming organisations transferring to the MCA.
Associate Membership
Associate membership is categorised as follows:
  1. Associate membership of The MCA will be offered to anyone who is interested in its aims and objectives. It may also be offered to others by invitation of the Committee.
  2. Members, serving and retired, from other Regiments/Corps, Arms, Services and Nations who have served in Movement Control appointments may also be granted Associate membership subject to the approval of the Committee.
Life Membership
Only current life members of the forming organisations will be afforded this status in the MCA, but will be required to pay for any publications and any postage charges.
Serving Members
All personnel of the Army, RAF and RN, (including Reserve Forces), serving in a Movements role, will be regarded as members of the Association on a “no-cost” basis with a view to encouraging them to become full members. The Journal will be distributed, via the BFPO system, to all units / establishments with Movement Control personnel on strength on a pro-rata basis.

To apply for membership, please go to the MCA Membership Registration page and complete the Membership Application form. If you require any additional information with regards to membership then please email the MCA Membership Secretary.


The following subscriptions are applicable to the MCA:

  1. Currently the annual rate of subscription due annually on the 6th April is £10.00.